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When you run into a major problem with one of your feet, your regular doctor may not be able to help you beyond a diagnosis. Whether you are in need of foot surgery or you are simply experiencing unusual pain that you want checked out, you should visit a podiatrist who specializes in the care of feet. At NY Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, we have 15 years of experience in this field of medicine and we serve clients throughout New York. Our podiatric surgeons in New York City are known for the quality of our medical care, as well as our friendliness and professionalism. Give us a call today at (212) 867-2500 to learn more about how our New York City podiatrist might be able to help you!

The services we offer include the following:

Recognized Foot Doctor in New York

At our state of the art facility, our foot doctor and staff in New York City have been providing reliable treatment for foot problems since 2006. Our foot and ankle surgeon in New York City has performed more than a thousand successful surgeries, and we are known for going above and beyond for our clients. We have earned a positive reputation for staying up to date on medical technology and incorporating advanced technology into our practice, including one stitch bunion removal.

We know that paying for treatment can be cause for concern, so if you are concerned about how you will pay for your treatment, worry no more. One of the many qualities which has appealed to our clients is that we accept most insurance plans for full or partial payment. We would be happy to provide you with information about which insurance plans we accept. Please call our office now at (212) 867-2500 if you would like to make an appointment or to request more information!

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