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Callus Q & A

What are calluses and why do they form on feet?

Calluses are caused by hyperkeratosis, which translates to the thickening of the skin. Calluses form as your body’s natural defense mechanism as it attempts to protect itself against friction or excessive pressure.  An increase in pressure or friction against the skin of your foot causes a hardened area of dead skin to form. Unless the underlying cause is treated, they'll continue to form. In general, calluses are not harmful, but can occasionally lead to infections or ulcerations of the skin.

What is the correlation between calluses and walking?

Another common cause of calluses is ill-fitting footwear that provides inadequate support, resulting in areas of uneven pressure. Most of us spend many hours each day on our feet, exerting significant pressure and friction when walking. That combination of prolonged pressure and friction and ill-fitting or non-supportive footwear provides ideal conditions for callus formation.

What is a risk factor for calluses?

Calluses are much more likely to occur in people with anatomical difference in their foot that causes one bone to be lower than the others. This bone presses against the bottom of the foot, resulting in a pressure point that's much more prone to becoming calloused.

How are calluses treated in the medical office of Dr. Glass?

When calluses form solely as a result of ill-fitting shoes, Dr. Glass can trim the calluses to reduce pressure. When calluses form as a result of a poorly aligned bone, surgery may be needed to realign the bone and eliminate the underlying cause of the callus so it doesn't recur.

What can I do to prevent calluses?

There are several steps you can take to help prevent calluses from forming:

  • Wear shoes that fit properly.
  • Soak your feet and gently remove built-up dead skin with a pumice stone.
  • Consider wearing moleskin or pads to prevent friction in areas prone to calluses.

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